[Info] DirectXInput Application Information

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[Info] DirectXInput Application Information

Post by Arnold Vink » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:47 pm

DirectXinput is a Windows application that converts your DirectInput controller to XInput,
so that it can be used with almost every game released which supports Xbox controllers.

| Application Features
- Supported controllers: Dualshock 2, 3 and 4.
- Easily customize the controller button layout.

| Installation Instructions
1) Extract the CtrlUI folder to any directory you want on your computer.
2) Make sure that you have installed all the requirements listed below.
3) Launch DirectXInput.exe and customize your mapped buttons to get started.
4) Enjoy using your DirectInput controller as a XInput controller.

| Tips and tricks
- Let DirectXInput automatically launch on Windows startup for easier alltime usage.
- Some users may need to run the application as administrator to let it work properly.
- For more information and help open the "Help" window or tab in the application.

| Requirements
- ScpDrivers installed, those drivers will be installed on the first time you launch DirectXInput.
- .NET Framework 4.5 - Download: http://microsoft.com/en-us/download/con ... x?id=42642

| Support and bug report
When you are walking into any problems or bugs you can goto the support forums on:
http://forums.arnoldvink.com so I can try to help you out and get everything working.

| Developer donation
Feel free to make a donation on: http://donation.arnoldvink.com

| Special thanks to
HidLibrary and ScpDriver